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Internet of Things(IoT) Courses Provided By Axelta

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World Leader in IoT Training Trained 2000+ professionals, Entrepreneurs in IOT
Build a working IoT Solution in the Bootcamp for an actual remote asset management use case
Trainers (100 % training delivered live by Co Founders of Axelta).
Trainees get a 4 months Jumpstart into IOT Solutioning.

Online/In Person IOT Trainings

Gives Software, electronics and industrial professionals, entrepreneurs and students a head start to ride the BIGGEST wave hitting the industry soon...

Corporate Training

Prepare your organization for making most of one of the biggest wave hitting the technology world.

IoT Analytics

Real Life Healthcare IoT Analytics Usecase covering R Programming and Progressive Insurance

Training By Experts. And Passionate Instructors.

Both the trainers have significant experience in developing products and services. Both are extremely passionate about sharing knowledge and want IOT to become a word known as an alternative to Entrepenuership. Together we have trained more than 2000 professionals as individuals and in Corporates like Intel and Mindtree over the last year. We assure you that you will be IOT expert, if you do this course.

Hands-on Experience.

We, at Axelta, have built successful IoT devices for last 2 years. We have pumped in all that we have learnt into this training. We share in depth practical insights on what works and what does not work. This Training will give you at least a 4-5 months Jumpstart and launch you into the IOT knowledge Orbit. We have also prepared an in depth IOT Manual (more than 300 pages) and also all the tutorials and practical's that we believe will help you in making your own IOT idea come to life.


This is the world's first certified IoT course. We will be mailing you the certificate on completion of the course, signed by both of us and authorized by Axelta. This certificate will be usefull to get a position in any company looking to get into IOT. We are available as reference check for you for any IOT related opening worldwide.